About the Author:
Dele Ikeorha is a impressionist writer who uses the literary medium to explore the conflicts, social forces and values at work in the vortex of modern societies. He is the author of Burning Heart: Selected Poems, King Offiaji: The Sun Also Shivers, a Play subtitled The Outlaw of the Primitive. He also has written books including Functions of Leadership, The Mystery of Civil Society, and The Problem with Nigeria 1 among many political commentaries. He holds an MBA Corporate Governance from the National Open University of Nigeria and is a Certified Professional in conflict Analysis by the United States Institute of Peace. He also contested the 2011 Elections for the Office of Senate in Nigeria. Mr. Dele is the CEO of Schoolmodem International. He is also a director of many non-profit organizations. He is a Pastor and Chief Translator of the Lay Bible Translation Group.